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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which patients will benefit from Botulinum Anti Wrinkle Treatments injections?

People aged late 30s to early 40s who are worried by early line/wrinkle formation will derive most benefit from Anti Wrinkle Treatments injections. Anti Wrinkle Treatments is not an alternative to surgical procedures such as a facelift or eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) as these will tend to benefit people in their late 40s to early 50s. Botulinum Anti Wrinkle Treatments can also be used in this older group of people as an adjunct to surgery to slow down the aging process and improve those aspects of the face that surgery cannot address.


What lines are suitable for treatment by Anti Wrinkle Treatments ?

Facial lines or wrinkles develop as a result of the underlying facial muscles contracting the skin. In younger people with more elastic skin a temporary line is created by the muscle contraction but immediately disappears as the muscle relaxes. As time goes by however, the skin develops a permanent crease that does not disappear, even after the muscle relaxes. Temporary wrinkles are also known as dynamic lines while permanent wrinkles are known as static lines i.e. dynamic lines arise as a result of motion because of the underlying muscles. Patients who will get the best results from Anti Wrinkle Treatments are those patients in the first category ie. who develop lines as a result of the underlying muscle action and after dampening down the underlying muscle action will have smoothing out of the lines. These patients tend to be younger and are around their late 30s/early 40s. In the second category of patients how ever (i.e. those with static or permanent lines ) they will see an 'improvement' after Anti Wrinkle Treatments treatment, but the line will not be totally obliterated. Thus Anti Wrinkle Treatments will help prevent temporary facial lines developing into permanent lines and in older patients will lessen the impact of established lines and slow the development of other wrinkles.


What areas are suitable for treatment by Anti Wrinkle Treatments ?

The areas which are most amenable to treatment by Anti Wrinkle Treatments are around the upper face. The vertical lines which develop between the eyebrows are ideally treated by Anti Wrinkle Treatments as are the radiating wrinkles that emanate from the outer aspects of the eyes, otherwise known as 'crows feet' or 'laughter lines'. Finally the forehead lines are also amenable to treatment by Anti Wrinkle Treatments . With regard to lines of the lower face Anti Wrinkle Treatments is not ideal as it can affect the oral function, i.e. smiling/eating. While Anti Wrinkle Treatments can be used to a degree in the lower face, Mr Fogarty would recommend the use of dermal fillers (e.g. Restylane or Hydrafil ) in this area.


What is involved in Anti Wrinkle Treatments treatment?

Anti Wrinkle Treatments is by in large relatively painless treatment as the injections required utilize a very fine needle. Mr Fogarty will see you at consultation where your concerns regarding facial aging can be discussed. The optimal management plan to address facial aging can be discussed and if Anti Wrinkle Treatments treatment is desired this can be arranged on the day of consultation or deferred to another time. Anti Wrinkle Treatments treatment itself is relatively painless as very fine needles are used and takes no more than 10-20 minutes. While in theory some slight bruising can occur, in fact this is very rare. Some patients may notice a mild headache after treatment but this tends to be patients who are undergoing a first treatment and it may in fact be related to tension headaches. Muscle weakness will then be noticed after approximately 7 days.


How long does Anti Wrinkle Treatments last?

Anti Wrinkle Treatments treatment starts to work at approximately day 7 after injection and it will last for between 3-5 months. After prolonged use of Anti Wrinkle Treatments eg for approximately 1 year the intervals between treatment may then be somewhat longer


Are there any special precautions that I must take after treatment with Anti Wrinkle Treatments ?

After treatment with Anti Wrinkle Treatments it is important to avoid any activities that could potentially spread the Anti Wrinkle Treatments to muscles where you do not wish it to act eg. the upper eyelid muscles. In addition one must also encourage the Anti Wrinkle Treatments to be taken up within the target muscles in which we wish the Anti Wrinkle Treatments to work. Thus after treatment it is best not to massage the area around the injection site and avoid anything that would cause flushing of the face, thus do not use a sun bed for 24 hours and refrain from alcohol for the rest of the day. Try not to lie down or bend over and avoid engaging in vigorous physical activity. Try not to lie down for a sleep for at least 2-4 hours. Finally to encourage the uptake of the Anti Wrinkle Treatments into the selected muscles try to tense and activate the muscles for 3-4 hours after treatment by repeatedly frowning every minute or two immediately after the injection s.


Are there any complications with the use of Anti Wrinkle Treatments ?

Some bruising or redness following the needle pricks may be noticed but this is unusual. If this occurs then make-up can usually cover these. Very rarely the Anti Wrinkle Treatments may travel to the upper eyelid muscle causing transient drooping of the upper eyelid. This may occur if a practitioner has little knowledge of the pertinent anatomy but a surgeon who performs surgical procedures around the face and eyes will have intimate knowledge of the anatomy and thus the risk of 'travel' to other muscles is small. This latter occurs approximately 1 in 1000 injections and while the risk can be 'minimised' but it cannot be eliminated. Many of the risks can be reduced by the patient keeping in an upright position for 3-4 hours after injection and by judicious dosage and proper placement. If drooping eyelid were to occur this usually resolves within a few weeks and special eye drops may be used to reduce the severity of this. Incomplete action of the Anti Wrinkle Treatments may occur but the dose of the Anti Wrinkle Treatments can be adjusted for an individual patient so if further 'top up' injection is required the next week then this can be noted so that at subsequent visits the optimum dose of Anti Wrinkle Treatments can be administered


Is Anti Wrinkle Treatments safe?

Anti Wrinkle Treatments has been used for approximately the last 15 years for cosmetic purposes but has been used since the 1970's for the relief of periorbital muscle spasms as well as muscle spasms in the limbs in patients with cerebral palsy. Anti Wrinkle Treatments 's proper name is Anti Wrinkle Treatments and is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. While this bacteria in the past has caused a disease called botulism the dose that is used for cosmetic purposes is many thousand fold less than that would cause any disease and gets metabolised over 3-5 month period. There are a number of contra-indications for the use of Anti Wrinkle Treatments including the following;
  •        Patients with an infection at the proposed injection site

  •        Patients with low hypersensitivity to Anti Wrinkle Treatments or any of its ingredients eg. albumin

  •        Pregnancy or lactation

  •        Generalised disorder of muscle activity such as eg myasthenia gravis, the co-administration with certain drugs that interfere
                with neuromuscular transmission eg. anaesthetic muscle relaxants and in certain types of intravenous antibiotics eg amimoglycosides

  •        Patients who have had a bleeding disorder or on anticoagulant therapy. Patients who are on aspirin or NSAID's (Brufen or Diclofenac)
                vitamin E, ginkgo balboa or St Johns Wort may have an increased risk of bruising but this can be discussed with Mr Fogarty.

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