Breast Augmentation

Dr Fogarty is a perfectionist at his job and it shows in my results! If you didn't know, you wouldn't know. He made me feel comfortable and gave me all the information and advice I needed to get the perfect result. Anyone considering breast augmentation I would highly recommend Dr Fogarty. He has giving me confidence I was lacking in myself due to my breasts. His team at the hospital were amazing and couldn't do enough to make sure I was always comfortable and at ease. I would like to thank Susan(Secretary) for her patience and kind manner when I phoned. Thank you again Dr Fogarty and you truly are a a top surgeon with a top attitude!

Patient JL

It may sound dramatic but it really has changed my life.

I really enjoyed breast feeding but it dramatically changed my breasts and the outcome left me with no confidence. The operation has left me with such a natural result. I didn’t expect them to be so perfect, considering I had hardly any breast tissue at all to work with.

The whole experience was fantastic. You and your team supported me every step of the way. At the two consultations I never felt pushed into going ahead with the operation and it is obviously a very big decision, however having been given all the information I decided to proceed. As the time approached and I began to get nervous I received so much support from your secretary Susan and yourself through email and phone calls.

I found the day of the procedure very relaxed. The staff at the hospital were fantastic. I wasn't left to wait very long and I was quickly take down to theatre. The anaesthetist was very calming and took my mind of the impending op. The operation went really well. The aftercare was amazing and I was sent home with a good supply of pain relief. After child birth, c section and experiencing engorged breasts I didn’t find the pain unbearable or unfamiliar and after 4 weeks I felt completely back to normal.

Post operative check ups were held after 10 days and 7 weeks. Again I found you just so personable and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of going ahead with this procedure or similar to chose yourself.
Patient SH

"I would like to thank Mr.Fogarty and his brilliant! skills as a surgeon I am absolutely delighted with the results and would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about having having this procedure done."

"Mr Fogarty . I really appreciated meeting you for my consultation, you gave me the courage to have the operation, in doing so I feel great about myself"
Patn CL

"Thank you so much it has changed my life and I cannot thank you enough. I'm delighted with the result"

"Thanks very much for helping me finally get the bust I've always dreamed for. I'm extremely happy with the natural result"
Patn GMcC

I went to see Mr Fogarty in 2012 for a breast implant consultation. At the time I had quite bad asymmetry and was worried that it couldn't be fixed. From the minute I spoke to Mr Fogarty I was made to feel completely at ease and I wasn't embarrassed at all. He was extremely kind to me and explained everything clearly, about the small risks etc and advised not to go too big.

I came out of the consultation so so happy and relieved. I then had a few more consultations after this to get measured up etc and never once did I feel pressurised, quite the opposite in fact.

On the morning of the op he came to see me before I was sent down to the theatre and we had a chat and a laugh, again just made me feel completely calm and relaxed. When I woke from the op I looked down expecting to be black and blue and I didn't have a single bruise. It had obviously been done so carefully and gently.

They are now completely symmetrical and natural looking and it has honestly changed my life. If I ever decide to get them done again in the future or any other procedure for that matter, I wouldn't think twice, it would have to be with Mr Fogarty. I genuinely cannot thank him enough.
Patn AF


Botulinum Treatment/Dermal Fillers

I have attended Mr Fogarty for minor cosmetic procedures twice over the past 18 months. I find his judgement to be spot on and have confidence in his advice. I particularly like his habit of erring on the side of 'too little' work, knowing that it can be added to more easily than taken away. He is courteous and personable in his manner, and deft but gentle in his surgical work. I will be returning to him in the future.
Patient CB

Dr Fogarty is first rate. He is extremely competent and user-friendly, listens well and is a pleasure to deal with . He has helped me on a couple of occasions, one involving minor surgery and one when I attended him for something simple as an outpatient. I can't recommend him too highly.
Patient FC

Having 'suffered' from excessive axillary perspiration for about 30 years, with the associated practical and social inconvenience of it, I was referred to Mr Fogarty for management of the condition. I found Mr Fogarty highly professional, knowledgeable and approachable at the initial consultation, where all my options from doing nothing to thoracic surgery were discussed. We agreed that the best way forward was administration of Botulinum toxin to both axilla, which was completed within ten minutes at the same appointment. The procedure was painless, and Mr Fogarty only inspires the utmost confidence from start to finish.

Within 36 hours I was not perspiring at all. Even on vigorous exercising my 'armpits' are completely dry. This had made a massive change to my own confidence and of course to my options when it comes to clothing I can wear without fear of embarrassment.

I cannot recommend Mr Fogarty enough, he is a true gentleman.

Two weeks after the procedure I was telephoned by him to discuss the outcome, and future treatment protocols.

I am truly delighted with the result.
Patient OM
(Botulinum toxin for excessive sweating)


Breast Reduction Surgery

Thank you so much

I have spent many years considering breast reduction surgery. I have researched many surgeons along the way. When I booked a consultation with Mr Fogarty, it was evident I had chosen the right surgeon for me. I honestly cannot rate him highly enough. My procedure went as planned with no complicationns. Mr Fogarty was very attentive before, during and after my surgery. My aftercare was second to none and he was litrally on the other end of the phone when I had any concerns, completely reasuring me. Mr Fogarty was first class from start to finish. I am about 5 months healed and completely loving my new breasts and the confidence they give me . My only wish is , i'd have done it sooner. Mr Fogarty you are a true perfectionist, I'm so happy with my results, thank you so so much.

Patn AM

Before I came across Mr Fogarty’s website. From the moment I opened the webpage and read the detailed information including testimonials, I knew I had to make an appointment.

From my initial appointment with Mr Fogarty, I sensed that I was in great hands. Time was taken to get to know me as a person, to listen to my concerns and plan a way to reach my end goal. I left that appointment with hope and was welcomed back at any point should I need more information.

I decided the next day to book for my breast reduction surgery, and between Mr Fogarty and his secretary Susan, I was kept well informed in the run up to my surgery date. The surgery went ahead and the care I got whilst an inpatient and post operatively from the Ulster Clinic nurses and Mr Fogarty was second to none. I am delighted with my results and I am enjoying a life where I can feel truly comfortable in my body.
Patn AK, November 2019

Mr Fogarty is a master craftsman! The information given on website and in person prepared me for the procedure and I was delighted with the outcome. It has given me more confidence and his expertise and patient care is exemplary. I would highly recommend him ... in fact I might even be back for something else!
Patn HN

From the first phone call I was impressed with how smoothly everything was to book and sort out. I was expecting it to be very stressful with lots of paperwork. This was happily not the case. Everything was stress free and easily/quickly arranged.

All staff members that I spoke to regarding the operation where very friendly and willing to be of any help that they could be. What I felt most important was the care that Brendan had for his clients and he realised that any surgery is a huge step, he by no means pushes his clients into following through with surgery after the first meeting if they do not which to do so.

I was impressed with the information that I received from Brendan throughout the whole time I was in his care as he was always happy to answer any questions....and believe me I had a lot! After the operation I was over the moon with the results and I still cannot believe each day how much it has improved my life even when doing the smallest of things. I would definitely return to Brendan if I had any need to do so in the future.
Patn KP

"I had been thinking about getting breast reduction for a long time and finally in June 2012 I made an appointment for a consultaton with Mr. Fogarty. I was really nervous about going but need not have worried, as he was able to answer any questions I had for him, and I did not feel under any pressure what so ever to make a decision.

I came home and thought about it and decided to go ahead with the surgery. After another consultation to finalise things and make sure I didn't have any worries my surgery was scheduled for the end of July.

I had my surgery in the Ulster Independant Clinic. Everything went according to plan and after an overnight stay I was well enough to go home. I was not in a lot of pain a few paracetamol for about a week or so.

My dressings were removed a week after surgery and I was really well healed.

I have not looked back since I went from a double F cup to a nice neat D cup and for the first time ever I can buy and wear clothes I could only have dreamt of wearing before. I feel like a new woman and only wish I had it done sooner."
Patn PF

If you are considering having breast reduction surgery, start by checking out the excellent information that Mr Fogarty has thoughtfully put together online. This provides full details of what to expect in regard to the surgery itself and post operatively. Mr Fogarty inspires confidence from the first consultation, taking the time to talk through the procedure and provides clear and comprehensive answers to all questions.

Mr Fogarty’s excellent surgical skills and wide experience mean that you are assured of the best possible result from your surgery.

I had been considering breast reduction surgery for many years and am delighted to have gone from a G cup to a neat D cup. I was 100% sure that I wished to have the surgery, but Mr Fogarty places that decision firmly with the patient. There is no pressure to go ahead and no sales personnel involved which can be the case with plastic surgery. With Mr Fogarty, you receive his full personal attention pre and post operatively.

The care I received in the Ulster Clinic was first class and the theatre staff and nurses were kind and professional throughout my short stay. I would highly recommend Mr Fogarty to anyone considering breast reduction surgery.

"Just a note to thank you for your Help, support and professionalism during the course of my breast reduction operation. I am two months post -operation and I can honestly say this has been a life changing experience for me. Without your care, help and skill this would not have been possible and to this end I am sincerely grateful to you"
Patn CB

I had been considering breast reduction for the past 10 years, and finally 3 months ago I finally went through with the surgery. I could not explain to anyone how much it has changed my life. It has honestly been a life-changing operation.

I went from a 32F cup to a neat 32D. This has enhanced my confidence, and given me a whole new lease of life.

I found Dr Fogarty extremely professional and courteous, with a genuine concern for my wellbeing. He fully explained the pros and cons of the surgery, including my after care.

I had my surgery done in the NW Clinic in Ballykelly, where I found the staff to be exemplary. I've been left with minimal scarring, which I am 100% convinced was due to the standard of surgery provided by Dr Fogarty.

I would urge anyone considering this surgery to go ahead with it as I am in my late 40's and my only regret is that I didn't have it done years ago!!

Thank you so much Brendan

Highly satisfied

Patient GMG

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive 'thank you' for making me feel like a 'new woman'. I had my breast reduction surgery on 8th December 2016 at the Ulster Clinic.

I had been considering this for a number of years and finally in September last year I had a consultation with you. The consultation with you covered every aspect of any concerns I had and I felt completely informed when leaving you to make a decision if I should go for surgery or not. The degree of knowledge, expertise and professionalism displayed by yourself made me feel quite confident in knowing that should I decide to go for the operation I was in the best hands possible.

I wore a 36G and am now 36D. I cannot tell you how good this feels. No more neck/back pain, no more skin rashes and most of all the degree of confidence it has given me, coupled with the number of compliments from family and friends just makes me so glad I went through with it. I also was so surprised that there was no real strong pain throughout and that Co-Codamol for a week was all it really took to get me over it.

A big thank you also to all of your team at the Ulster Clinic who were so helpful, caring and understanding throughout.

I feel wonderful and am so very happy with 'the new me'. "
Patn AM


After losing ten stone in weight I was left with a lot of loose, excess skin. I decided to research different clinics that could help me with the excess skin. Upon coming across Mr.Fogarty’s website, I knew it was the right place for me. I found Mr.Fogarty highly professional and approachable, he explained everything fully to me and nothing was too much trouble for him.From the first consultation I knew I was in the right hands as he made me feel comfortable and at ease with any worries or questions I had.

The day of my surgery had arrived. I had complete trust and faith in Mr.Fogarty as I knew I was in safe hands. I was right to do so as the results were amazing, they were more than I ever expected.

Throughout my stay at the Ulster Clinic, the care and service I received was of the highest quality. The staff at the hospital were fantastic, they made me feel very relaxed.

I can honestly say I am so incredibly happy with my results. Mr.Fogarty did a fantastic job. He is a real perfectionist in his work. I healed very well and felt very little pain. The aftercare was fantastic, I was back at work after two weeks and feeling more confident than ever. It was a life changing experience.

After feeling so pleased and satisfied with my experience, I decided to go back and get a thigh lift. The only person I would have wanted to do this was Mr.Fogarty. My results of the thigh lift are amazing. I now do not have to cover up when I go on holidays as I feel a lot more confident. I experienced very little pain afterwards and did not require any medication while I was healing. I was able to return back to work within two weeks.

As expected, the treatment was first class once again, I cannot recommend his aftercare enough, I had numerous wound checks and nothing was ever too much trouble for him. He is a true gentleman and takes great pride in his work.

Thank you so much Mr.Fogarty, you have made a real change in my life. I feel like a new person. I could not fault anything with my experience, every step of the journey was highly professional and top class. I will be returning very soon for an arm lift and cannot recommended him and his services enough.

Patn TS

Six months ago I reaped the benefits of a surgery I will never regret. After four babies, my stomach muscles had split and I was left with extremely low self esteem and no body confidence. I had completely changed from the slim and content person I was pre-motherhood and instead I struggled with a recognition of the irrevocable changes pregnancy had made to my body. I wanted to be part of the positive tribe that embraced the ‘scars of motherhood’ and when I spoke to other mothers they believed I was taking my discontent too far, and ‘Don’t we all have a bit of loose skin now?’ was their usual reaction. Despite their discouragement, I knew there was something more going on and I wanted my body fixed. .

Help came in the form of Mr Brendan Fogarty. There are numerous recommendations of the man on this site, and I want to add my own as well. My husband had not been too keen with my surgical ambitions, but after meeting Mr Fogarty, he was completely onboard and understood that my fears were not trivial, but concrete and supported by a surgeon in the know. The entire process was flawless. His commitment to me and the success of my surgery and recovery was impeccable, keeping to the high standards I had expected of his reputation. I never had a moment’s worry or concern; his skills and professionalism were unmatched.

I am delighted with my stomach, and delighted that Mr Fogarty was able to confirm my need to have the surgery, whether now or at later date. I went with my intuition and was taken care of by the best in the business. I would recommend Mr Fogarty to anyone seeking a top notch, safe and through surgical experience. I will be forever grateful to him.

Patn FMcT

"After three large babies by C section, I was left with a considerable amount of loose over-hanging skin and unsightly stretch marks. I researched abdominoplasty surgery and surgeons. Having looked at Mr Fogarty's website and reading his patient's experiences I decided to have a consultation with him.

At the consultation, the procedure was explained clearly and I was shown before and after pictures of previous surgeries that Mr Fogarty had carried out . I was told that I would be a good candidate for the surgery, but Mr Fogarty told me to go home and have a think about it and if need be come back and talk to him again.

The operation went well. However, I had previously had a laparoscopy, so the blood supply to my belly button had been reduced. Mr Fogarty dealt with this with skilled expertise and now to look at my belly button, you would never known that I even had surgery.

As for the recovery process, far less discomfort than a C section. It just felt like I had done too many sit-ups! I was able to get up the next morning and use the bathroom. The nurses in the Ulster Independant hospital are some of the nicest people I have met. They were so supportive and kind. After two nights I was ready to go home.

When I got home, I felt that I could perform as normal, just a little slower and with greater care.

The post-op care was excellent. Regular wound checks and supporting advice. I was even given my own before and after surgery photos, which were great reminder of how worthwhile the whole process has been.

As for the results, they are truly amazing, I am absolutely delighted. My tummy is flat! Now it actually looks like I have done all those sit-ups! But the part I wasn't expecting, my stretch marks have virtually disappeared. I am absolutely delighted.

I would say that Mr Fogarty is is not only a highly skilled surgeon, but a perfectionist. In addition, he is the kindest, most patient and humble gentleman. As I check out my new tummy in the mirror each morning, I silently give thanks that I made the right choice."
NMcD (post Abdominoplasty)

I found the website of Mr Brendan Fogarty informative and liked his current fields of expertise. During my consultation with Mr Fogarty, I felt he answered all my questions and gave me a realistic opinion of what he could do for me. I also found his manner to be very open, friendly and approachable. He put me at ease immediately and had time to answer all my questions. I came out of the consultation feeling very positive and informed.

Mr Fogarty informed me he had removed about 2.5lbs of loose skin and that my stomach muscles had separated approx 5inches. Mr Fogarty sent me before and after photos and it is amazing to see the transformation. I still look at these photos and can’t believe how bad I was beforehand

I am delighted to have found Mr Fogarty and that he carried out this procedure for me. I feel so lucky to have had this procedure and would recommend it fully as I would do of Mr Fogarty. It was also lovely to be able to have the procedure done locally. I felt I was in good hands with Mr Fogarty and the end result speak for themselves.

"After a year of healthy eating, consistent training and exercise I was able to loose 7stones. I was delighted. However, I found I was left with unsightly and uncomfortable excess skin around my tummy. What make it worse was my old c section scar which ran vertically down my tummy.

After a thorough consultation with Mr Fogarty, who explained the options and advised me to think carefully about things, I decided to go ahead with a 'tummy tuck' at the Ulster Independent Clinic.

The operation was a success, and as Mr Fogarty promised I recovered well and was home very quickly.

To say I am pleased with the results is an understatement. All the excess skin was removed, the ugly c section scar has disappeared and I now have a flat tummy and a new set of abs!

I can honestly say Mr Fogarty has worked a miracle. His care and attention both before and after the operation have been first class. I have no regrets whatsoever. He has made such a positive impact on me!
Patn JP


Mastopexy/breast uplift/uplift

Due to having breastfed my baby 21 years ago, my breasts had lost their shape and pertness. Mr Fogarty was recommended to me and it has totally transformed my life. From day one and throughout the whole process, I found Mr Fogarty and his team extremely approachable, realistic and informative, resulting in him having my full trust. My operation was a breast lift and small reduction and both my pre and post care was amazing! My body confidence has improved immensely with me now being able to wear anything I want and I feel much more feminine with all the pretty underwear I can now buy. Having had my operation three weeks ago, I have healed excellently and I am so happy with the results even now, so soon after surgery.

Thank you so much Brendan.

Patn GH

I am a 34yr old woman who has lost 5st in weight in addition to experiencing a twin pregnancy. As a result of the above,I was left with very droopy breasts and my left breast was noticeably larger than my right, leaving them asymmetrical. I booked a consultation with Brendan and he put me at ease immediately. We discussed the possibility of me getting implants aswell as the mastopexy, but he explained to me that this would not compliment my lifestyle,and that I had sufficient breast tissue for an ample bust. I now see how the mastopexy alone was the right decision. The day of the operation went accordingly, I was surprised at how I was in no pain post-op, I merely felt a slight tightening under my right breast. Recovery was simple and virtually pain-free. The biggest annoyance for me was not being able to raise my arms above my head for the first 4 days. I had two post-op reviews with Brendan, and was delighted with the results when my bandages were removed. I cannot praise Brendan highly enough, I found him to be approachable,professional, and am grateful that he gave me realistic expectations. The whole process was not the 'ordeal' I thought it would be. I have a new found confidence, and would recommend this to any woman who feels less than good about themselves in this area.

Patient SH (Mastopexy)

Patient SH (Mastopexy)



I had a Rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago and it has been life changing. My experience was nothing short of amazing, from start to finish.

From my initial enquiry with Susan (Secretary) who’s manner was patient, kind and nothing was too much trouble, to my first consultation right through to my final review appointment, Dr Brendan Fogarty displayed first class professionalism and reassurance.

Dr Brendan Fogarty was very thorough, he gave his honest opinion on achieving results and filled me with confidence.

I was so self-conscious about the look and shape of my nose for years as I had a large nasal hump but the results from my surgery are fantastic! I am so confident with my new nose, I see such a huge difference, a more softer, straighter nose and tip lifted. Dr Brendan Fogarty achieved a very subtle finish, my only regret was I didn’t have this surgery done years ago.

My recovery process was easy, pain-free, I’ve healed well and had no complications. After two weeks I was back to my normal routine.

I cannot thank Dr Brendan Fogarty enough for his outstanding work, a perfectionist. He is a remarkable surgeon, a true gentleman and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery.

I would rate Dr Brendan Fogarty 5 stars if I could.

Mrs CP

It was with immense hesitation that I even decided to go to my initial appointment in October 2020, as I was frankly really embarrassed by seeming somehow vain about wanting to get rhinoplasty in the first place. Like so many before me I was incredibly self-conscious about the size and shape of my nose, yet felt I was being foolish. I shouldn’t have feared that consultation, in fact my only regret was that I didn’t seek out Mr Fogarty’s help years earlier. Not only was I nervous about whether anyone could help my aesthetic, but I was exceedingly anxious about having a general anaesthetic too.

I really cannot fully capture the utter affability of Mr Fogarty and Susan in words, and I cannot imagine another two people to embody such outstanding professionalism and reassurance simultaneously. Having Mr Fogarty as my Plastic Surgeon was invariably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I only hope that I can encourage others to choose him as theirs. The surgery itself was fantastic, strangely pain-free and I honestly felt superb the following day. Refraining from any strenuous physical activity was the trickiest part, alongside having patience to wait for the swelling to subside - which of course it did!

I am absolutely thrilled with my new nose - I can now look in mirrors, and no longer feel that people are staring at it and most importantly no longer feel lacking in self-esteem. It has given me such an unexpected boost and for that I give full credit and thanks to a mercurial surgeon’s hands!

Dec 2020

Patient NT

I had rhinoplasty surgery in October 2020 at the Ulster Independent Clinic. Mr Brendan Fogarty carried out the procedure.

We had an initial consultation where he explained to me in depth about the procedure and answered any questions I had, he gave me time to make a decision and we had a further consultation prior to surgery where Mr Fogarty covered all the key points again.

Mr Fogarty is a fantastic surgeon and his secretary Susan was extremely helpful.

I recently had my review appointment and I am so happy with my new nose, thank you!.

Patient CA.

“Dr Fogarty is a true gent and professional”

I had rhinoplasty surgery in September 2019.

I was pleasantly surprised by how relatively stress-free and straight forward the entire process was.

From the first consultation right through to my final review appointment, Dr Fogarty reassured me every step of the way.

I found his approach to be extremely professional and I’m absolutely delighted with the result.

My nose had a large nasal hump and deviation of the septum which I had wanted to correct my entire life.

At my first appointment, Dr Fogarty was thorough and precise in describing what the surgery would entail and filled me with confidence.

He then offered a second consultation included in the fixed price, to give me time to come to a final decision, without applying any pressure.

He was reassuring and supportive on the morning of the operation and the follow up care I received was fantastic.

I also had a very comfortable overnight stay in the Ulster Independent Clinic with attentive and professional nurses.

I was in no pain at any stage after the surgery with well-managed pain relief and only minor discomfort.

The recovery was quicker than expected and I returned to my normal activities within just two weeks.

Instantly, the significant improvement in my nose was evident with the hump completely gone, the septum straightened and a much more refined tip.

Dr Fogarty was also careful to ensure the changes were subtle.

I believe he captured exactly the outcome I was striving for and listened intently when I described my main issues.

He has achieved a smaller, straighter, more feminine nose which suits my profile perfectly.

I cannot thank Dr Fogarty enough for his wonderful work, he is truly an expert in his field and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

It would be difficult to find a better, more personable surgeon in Northern Ireland.

Patient TM, Sept 2019.

"I had an open Rhinoplasty in June, My surgeon was Mr B.Fogarty.

My consultation to discuss the possibility of surgery was very thorough and informative. At no time did I feel pressured to make a decision, and there were no pushy sales-type follow-up calls. This gave me ample time to think about the information provided and make an informed decision to proceed.

I had another consultation before a surgery date. I was operated on at the North West Independent Hospital.

My operation went smoothly; in fact, it could not have been better. The staff and facilities were great. I was followed up after surgery and the next morning, with clear instructions of aftercare and a post operative consultation date.

My results are amazing! I am very happy with my new nose. There is such a big difference, yet at the same time I still look like me, just a softer version. This has dramatically improved my confidence, as my nose was a source of insecurity before.

I have had no complications, and have healed well. I would highly recommend Mr.Fogarty.”

Patn CS

I had rhinoplasty surgery in October 2014 at the ulster independent clinic. Mr Brendan fogarty carried out the procedure. We had several consultations and he explained to me in depth about the procedure, recovery and final outcome. When I had the operation i had black eyes, after a wk the marks could be covered with make up and I was able to go back to work. The difference that this has made to my confidence is beyond belief, my nose is amazing!!!! I can honestly say that Brendan Fogarty is an excellent surgeon. I would encourage anyone to go for a consultation as he will advise you without pressure give his honest opinion on results, and the after care is excellent. So pleased with my new nose.

Patn JS

"I had rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. From the initial contact with Mr Fogarty's office to the consultation, to the day of the surgery, everything was brilliant. Mr Fogarty and his team completely put me at ease while giving me all of the important facts. On the day of surgery I was understandably nervous and Mr Fogarty put me at ease. After the surgery even with the cast still on I could already tell there was going to be a big difference. I didn't experience any pain or major discomfort and a week later I had my cast removed and my make up back on. I am so pleased with the results, which I am told will only continue to improve. I couldn't recommend Mr Fogarty enough."

Patn TMcC Belfast



"Just to say thank you so much. You have given me one of the best gifts I could have asked for. My confidence has improved greatly and it is so much easier to get clothes to fit. You were a gentleman and a faultless surgeon and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone"
Patn SF

"Thank you for doing such a great job , it's very much appreciated"
Patn KC

"To Mr Fogarty and all the surgical staff that made my cosmetic surgery possible. I cannot put into words what you have allowed to happen to me , many thanks"
Path AH

" A note of thanks for your care and attention with my recent surgery "

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff so much for all your help and care..I really appreciated both your expertise and the very friendly and reassuring atmosphere in theatre "
Patn DS

"I want to thank you and your team for the surgery on my face a few weeks ago . You were all very kind also the nurses and doctors the attention I received in the ward afterward was great ... I only have great praise for all"
Patn MMcM

"Dear Mr Fogarty Thank you so much for my operation. You have made a real change in my life. I can now start loving myself something I haven't been able to do since I was a teenager "
Patn GH

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