Some of our procedures include:


Outpatient consultations

Where? Belfast (Ulster independent Clinic,UIC)

With who? Mr Fogarty himself.

How to make apt? 02890687444 (UIC appointments office)

Further general information email or 07885568410 (Mr Fogarty's personal secretary)

Cost Cost includes consultation and any subsequent consultations to ensure patient comfortable with their decisions.

Surgical procedures

Where? Ulster Independent Clinic, Belfast

By whom? Mr Fogarty

Anaesthesia? All types available; general anaesthesia, sedation ie. twilight anaesthesia) & local anaesthesia.

Anaesthetists? NHS consultant anaesthetists based in Belfast teaching hospitals.

Inpatient facility? Yes. The Ulster Clinic has 70 en-suite rooms and inpatient facilities to cater for planned or unplanned admission eg slow patient recovery. See.

Support facilities With 200 consultants across all medical specialties, the Ulster Clinic is largest inpatient private hospital in Northern Ireland. It's full complement of support specialists (eg cardiology, ) including resident medical staff provide comprehensive safe support/backup.

Post op care? Mr Fogarty himself will see on a regular basis, carrying out post operative checks, all dressing changes and can see patients as often as clinically required if any issues arise. He is easily contactable and is based in Belfast.

Breast implants Only US FDA approved implants with best safety profile according to per scientific literature review. Manufacturer lifetime warranty applies.

Some of Mr Fogarty's procedures include:

Anti Wrinkle Treatments More details
Dermal Fillers Eg Hyaluronic acid(HA), Hydroxyapatite
Breast Augmentation - More details
Breast Surgery
Breast Reduction & Mastopexy - More details
Tummy tuck
Abdominoplasty & Body Contouring - More details
Liposuction More details
Skin lesion
Face Lift More details
Blepharoplasty - More details
Medico Legal Reports - More details
Prominent Ear Correction - Ear-otoplasty More details

For Appointments or Enquiries Call :
Phone : +44 7885 568410 (Mon -Thurs 9am - 5pm)
Email :


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